Characters So Far

Ray Fairfax

Species: Red fox
Ocuupation: Reporter
Age: 19
A young, witty, ambitious reporter for an obscure newspaper at the tender age of 19 Ray has already gained fame from his last big article unvieling a bloody conspiracy among compatriots at a local university. He first appears listening in on a phone converstaion between Blackfoot and his supervisor, working on his next big article to try and uncover a mysterious organization he has observed moving about undercover in nearly all crime scenes.

Abel Parsinger A.K.A Agent Blackfoot

Species: Ferret
Occupation: Agent at little known organization
Age: 22
A shrewd but sometimes clumsy agent at the mysterious organization. He has finally been assigned his first operation as the head agent. Being in charge of keeping away publicity, lawyers, death, and violence seems to fill him with glee.
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