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That's a Wrap

Ray fairfax, a young reporter with a fateful affinity to dangerous situations, stumbles into the midst a secret agency that he has been trying to investigate for a story for months. Now of course they won't let him go and he is forced to join one of their operations his meddling conveniently screwed up.


» sorry for the delay. . .

So I got a new laptop- and I'm still adjusting to using it efficiently with illustrator- that along with school work makes for very slowly making the next page a bit at a time- but rest assured it is being made! Thank you 10 fans o' mine who have been patient!

» Spring Break!

It's spring break and I'm outa here for vegas first thing tomorrow morning- I should be getting the next comic in sometime next week- sorry it's so slow. Since my sport is over and I got a huge project out of the way it should be picking up :D

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